Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Mas Cuba!

Here's a Cuban record I found in the archives from 2010. I don't have a lot of memory of sharing it, and like the previous record from Cuba, it was shared here just after Christmas.  This one is my original recording, no remaster here.  So it's probably low bitrate and full of clicks and pops, so let the listener beware!  If that doesn't scare you off, then please download and enjoy Noche Buena Bailable Cubana (Christmas Dance Date In Cuba) (Panart LP 3001 (Titled Noche Buena Bailable Criolla on record label), Mono).

1. Noche Buena Criolla-Virgen De Regla, A Toda Cuba Le Gusta El Son-Senen Suarez And His Orchestra
2. En La Noche Buena-Trio La Rosa
3. Recuerdos De Ayer-A La Loma De Belen, La Mora, Si Muero En La Carretero, Si Me Piden El Pescado-Senen Suarez And His Orchestra
4. La Mora-Orquesta De Antonia Maria Romen
5. Mosaico De Congas-Chenchere Guma, Traigo Un Tumbao, Mirala Que Linda Viene-Senen Suarez And His Orchestra
6. Parranda De Navidades-Unknown Artist (This song was listed on the label (see below), but without an artist...)
7. Cha Cha Cha De Navidad-Julio Guiterrez And His Orchestra
8. El Guanajo Relleno-Orquesta De Neno Gonzalez
9. Sueno De Navidad-Orquesta De Julio Gutierrez
10. Alegre Navidad-Orquesta America
11. Noche Buena Guajira-Nico Saquite Y Sus Guaracheros De Orienta
12. Te Deseo Felicidades-Rene Marquez And His Orchestra



Caroline said...

I have this one from your 2010 Share - a good one worth the download for sure! :)

barba said...

¡¡ si si !! mambos for christmas. even a cha cha.

barba loves mambo.

marma loves mambo.

Kwork said...

We all love mambo. Thank you.

barba said...

it's too bad they didn't include a hanukkah cha-cha.

that would be a laugh.

barba said...

you see, the "c" in chanukah is silent. so a chanukah cha-cha would be pronounced "ha-ha". a laugh. get it?

well, they can't all be gems.