Sunday, August 20, 2017

Chanukah In August 2017 Day 2

Yep, one more day of Chanukah in August, with 10 more songs, mostly from the same albums as yesterday.  Chanukah songs are much harder to find than Christmas songs, thus you only get two days instead of 51.  Don't feel too bad though.  Kwanzaa and Tet don't get any!  So let's see the goodies.

1. Spin, Dreidel, Spin by Sing & Learn from Holiday Songs (Macmillan Educational Company, Stereo, 1987).  Pretty late period for me, but still well before the vinyl resurgence.

2. Dreidle by Tony Chance, a cover of the Don McLean song from yesterday.  This is from the homemade LP Live! (Twelvetrees TC-103, Stereo)  I actually found this one first, then I had to go hunt down the Don McLean.

3. What Does Chanuko Mean To Me?
4. Praised Art Thou
5. Judah Maccabee, three more songs by Sing For Fun Club Of Flushing Free Synagogue, New York, from their album Sing For Fun!-36 New Songs For Jewish Children (Union Of American Hebrew Congregations, No Number, Mono, 1957).  I was pretty excited to find this one.  So much Chanukah music!

6. Spin Sevivon
7. Mi Yemallel, both by Abraham Davis from Jewish Holidays In Song (Tikva T-60, Mono).  Another one that I was pretty happy to find.

8. Sholom Chavarim by The Weavers from their album The Weavers At Carnegie Hall (Vanguard VRS-9010, Mono, 1957).  Usually where The Weavers do a Christmas song, there is sure to be a Chanukah song nearby.

9. Chanukah (a) Mo'oz Tzur (b) Mi Y'malel (c) S'vivon Sov Sov Sov, small little bits of several songs by Herb Strauss from Songs And Stories Of The Jewish Holidays (Decca DL 4621, Mono, 1965).  I like the fact that even a major label can get into the Chanukah game.

10. Chanukah by Ray Middleton-Choir & Music Under Direction Of Howard Barlow, from Ten Jewish Holy Days (Candle CAN 112, Mono, 1957).  1957 seems to be the year today, at least among the stuff I can put a date on.  Most of these things I can't track down on the internets.

And that's it.  There ain't no more.  These are the last ten items in the folder.  Thanks for playing along, it's been my pleasure.  Hope you found something great this season.  See you all soon!  (Let me know your favorites, that's going to be my next project, trying to assemble a best-of out of these 775 tracks!)



Rick R. said...

Glad I checked back. I remembered you always did a few Chanukah songs at the end of Christmas In July. 54 downloads counting Jerry Lewis...It was a real treasure trove this year. Thanks again for all you have given us.

mrdavesampson said...

THANK YOU For all of the great holiday shares this Summer! Truly epic. Appreciate all of your hard work in bringing these 775(!) treats to us the past 7 weeks.


Kwork said...

Wow! A nice surprise. Thanks for Chanukah, part 2! Now get some rest!

Unknown said...

Rest easy, the dragon didn't eat the sun today! It was what smart folks call an Eclipse. Thanks for everything!

mel said...

And thanks also for Day 2.