Saturday, July 08, 2017

Christmas In July 2017-Day 8

Whew, long day!  I've been out trying to find more Christmas tracks to share with you this month, and I must have flipped through ten thousand albums.  I could have done half again more but it was so hot in the warehouse I was digging that I couldn't stand it after about the first third.  That was my last stop, but it had the most records.  I was pretty lucky, I stopped at maybe 8 places and came away with records at 7.  Not always something to share but certainly something to listen to.  The one Goodwill I stopped at ticked me off when they told me the records were now $2.18 each!  I nearly put them all back, but I didn't.  I'll just keep that in mind the next time I stop and only buy really, really good stuff if they have it.  Most of the other places were much cheaper, so it all balanced out.  Now, onto the tracks for tonight.

1. Christmas Carol Sing-A-Long by Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra-Julius Rudel, Musical Director, from Christmas In Concert And More... (Allentown Record Co. For Buffalo Savings Bank, No Number, Stereo, 1979).  Looks like I shared this one out with you before, but I have no memory of it.  Side one is all Christmas tunes and side two is random non-Christmas.  Reading the liner notes, they've been holding seasonal concerts in the grand lobby of this Buffalo bank for almost twenty years, but this was the first time somebody got the bright idea to record it.  But, reading the liner notes even more carefully, this is the recording of a rehearsal in a local hall, months before the actual event, so you get really good sound, not something live in front of an audience.  Anyhow, you can look forward to a couple more tracks from this one through the month.

2. Moonlight in Vermont by Leslie Uggams With Mitch Miller And The Sing Along Gang from the LP Leslie (Columbia CS 9936, Stereo, 1970).  Not sure that I put this song squarely in the Christmas category, but I wanted something from Leslie and this is what I found.  Just roll with it, something better will come up, I'm sure.

3. Winter Blues Bossa Nova by Bent Fabric from his album Operation Lovebirds (Atco 33-202, Mono, 1967).  Because we needed some bossa nova around here.  And because he always has such great animal-themed album covers.

4. March Of The Toys ("Babes In Toyland") by Camarata Conducting The Kingsway Symphony Orchestra, taken from the LP The Great Victor Herbert (Phase 4 London SPC21143, Stereo, 1975).  Is that a Moog I hear in there, or just a garden variety synth?

5. The Holly And The Ivy, another track by The Dixie High School Concert Choir and their album The Dixie H.S. Concert Choir Of 1966-1967 (Dixie High School, Dayton, OH, 19165/19166, Mono, 1967).  Hey, at least it's a genuine, bonafide Christmas song!

6. Season's Greetings by Mabel Mercer from the double LP with Bobby Short, At Town Hall (Atlantic 2xLP SD 2-604, Stereo, 1969).  No, it's not really Christmas, but at least she mentions the holiday in there.

7. Greensleeves by George Greeley, His Piano And Orchestra from his LP Piano Rhapsodies Of Love (Reprise R9-6092, Stereo, 1961).  Somewhere in the past, I remember sharing out a whole LP of Christmas piano from Mr. Greeley.  But I don't remember much about it so it must not have made much of an impression.  Now what were we talking about?

That's it, lots of tracks tonight, I'm feeling good about the number of tracks I've already recorded and how many records I still have in the pile to go.  Wish me luck, we've still got a long way to go until August.  And remember, if you like what you've found here, tell your friends.  They need to come visit now.  Once these shares disappear, they're unlikely to ever come back.



Buster said...

A Florida record warehouse in the summer? You're lucky you didn't drown in molten vinyl.

Yes, I'm bitter I wasn't there.

Ernie said...

Come on down, half price on $1 records on Wednesdays! Get 5 or more $2.99 records and only pay $2 each! Bargain!

Badgercat said...

Thanks again, Ernie. Will be listening as I get ready for church this morning.

Buster, I had a nice chuckle about "molten vinyl." One of my roommates in college forgot, and left an album in the window during the day. When we all got back from class and looked at it, it was unlike anything we'd ever seen before. The sun just destroyed it...

Buster said...

I lost a high school girlfriend because I left her Tom Rush album on the package shelf of my father's Oldsmobile and the sun warped it.

barba said...

like a watch.

the erniegizer bunny...

Cottondale Swamp said...

Love it. Bring it on.