Saturday, July 22, 2017

Christmas In July 2017 Day 22

I ran some numbers today and found out that I have more songs in the pile to be shared than I have shared songs so far this month.  Which means I really, really need to get busy sharing some music with you.  So here are 20 more songs for today.

1. Winter Sky (Recorded In Concert At Town Hall, March 21, 1964) by Judy Collins from her LP Recollections (Elektra EKS-74055, Stereo, 1969).  I believe this is a sort of best-of from Ms. Collins.

2. Waltz From The Nutcracker Suite by Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra-Julius Rudel, Musical Director from Christmas In Concert And More... (Allentown Record Co. For Buffalo Savings Bank, No Number, Stereo, 1979).  I think this is the last track I have from this record to share with you.)

3. There Was A Pig Went Out To Dig by Marilyn Powell from Holiday Songs (Bowmar B 2055 168, Stereo, 1966).  More goodness from a kiddie record.  They do love their Christmas music.

4. Sweet Little Jesus Boy by Rod Ruby With Chuck McIntosh from Rod Ruby Sings Wonder Of Wonders With The Piano Artistry Of Chuck McIntosh (Music City/Royal Race MR-RR-9008, Stereo). A religious album.  I think I was imaging this would be someone else when I picked it up.

5. Song Of The Bells by Maurice Abravanel Conducting The Utah Symphony Orchestra from Fiddle Faddle And 14 Other Leroy Anderson Favorites (Vanguard Cardinal Series VCS-10016, Stereo, 1967).  This is a pretty good collection of Leroy Anderson songs.

6. Sleigh Ride by Mogens Ellegaard, Accordion, and His Orchestra from Accordion Time (Vox STVX 426.090, Stereo, 1959).  I was quite excited when I saw a song played on the accordion that I could share, but it looks like I've shared it with you before.  I'll keep looking for new stuff.

7. Ring Those Christmas Bells by The Kennedy Space Center Chorus, Directed By Arthur C. Benington from Voices Of Space (Century Records 32909, Stereo).  The songs from this LP are pretty great, aren't they?

8. Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers by Dick Schory's Percussion Pops Orchestra from Holiday For Percussion (RCA Victor LSA-2485, Stereo, 1962).  This album is another entry in RCA's famed Stereo Action series.

9. Mr. Snow (From "Carousel") by Ray Davies With Orchestra & Voices from Funky Trumpet On Broadway (Fontana (Mercury) SRF-67574, Stereo, 1967).  Don't know if I'd have called this Funky anything...

10. Magnificat In D-Et Exultavit, another great classical Christmas song by Marilyn Horne With The Vienna Cantata Orchestra Conducted By Henry Lewis from Marilyn Horne Sings Bach And Handel (London OS 26067, Stereo, 1969).  I like to try and keep you on your toes.

11. The Four Seasons by Sing & Learn from Seasonal Songs (Macmillan Educational Company 09015, Stereo, 1989).  More kiddie music.

12. The Deepening Snow by Connie Smith from Sunshine and Rain (RCA Victor LSP-4077, Stereo, 1968).  This one I thought was more funky than the one above.  Certainly the other, non-Holiday tracks I listened to were pretty funky, for a country album.

13. We Wish You A Merry Christmas by Silver Burdett Records from Making Music Your Own-Kindergarten Record IV (Silver Burdett Records 75 180 4, Mono, 1966).  There for a lot of Christmas songs on this record, so be warned.

14. The Seven Joys Of Mary by John Jacob Niles, Mountaineer Tenor, With Dulcimer Accompaniment from his LP John Jacob Niles Sings American Folk Songs (RCA Camden CAL 245, Mono, 1956).  I think this is the last of the songs I ripped from this one.  He had a couple of Christmas EPs from around this same time, but I don't have them.  I remember them both being shared out in the same year once, one at Buster's place, the other at Lee's.  I doubt if they're still there, though.

15. Santa Claus Blues by Red Onion Jazz Babies, and early band featuring Louis Armstrong, taken from the collection Young Louis Armstrong (Riverside RLP 12-101, Mono, 1956).  Louis recorded far too little Christmas music in his life.  This one has a good title, but it won't remind you of Santa really.

16. O Little Town Of Bethlehem by The Dixie High School Concert Choir, another track from The Dixie H.S. Concert Choir Of 1966-1967 (Dixie High School, Dayton, OH, 19165/19166, Mono, 1967).  Not sure if this is the end of this one or not.

17. Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake, a great Irish tune by The McNulty Family from Irish Showboat (Coral CRL 57368, Mono, 1961).  I find a great Irish Christmas tune about every other year or so.  This is the one for this season, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

18. March Of The Toys by Magic Violins from Magic Violins Play The Memories Of Victor Herbert (Magic Violins Vol. 7) (Magic Violins 2507, Mono).  I think there are 12 total albums in this series.  I was trying to get them all at one time, I don't know why...

19. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Guitar Magic from Guitar Magic-Play Along Record No. 2 (Educational Productions SON 9482, Mono).  Funny story, I pulled this record from the sleeve of volume 1, and was disappointed because I had wanted to record Jingle Bells.  But when I played a couple of tracks, I found God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, so at least I got a Christmas song for you.  (No, the tracks weren't listed on the record...)  If it's not obvious by the title, this record was designed to help you learn to play guitar.

20. Ave Maria by Yale Glee Club from their album Yale Glee Club-100th Anniversary 1861-1961 Gala Centennial Concert (Carillon Records LP 120, Mono, 1961).  Not many schools have been around for 100 years, much less the glee club associated with them.

And that's it.  I'll keep recording and sharing, you keep on downloading and commenting.  Deal?



Buster said...

Goodness, what a diverse collection.

I don't imagine that the Ray Davies you posted is the one that belongs to the Kinks, but I kind of like the thought of him playing the Funky Trumpet.

That John Jacob Niles EP you graciously mentioned is actually still available via this link:!HFkwyBoa!5ahJGo5o_6w3cs5B5g22yzSZTmqJOeB_gZY9auupKEM

Ernie said...

Oh, I meant to say something about Ray Davies not being Ray Davies, but I forgot. I should write these things down as I think about them.

Did I remember that correctly, you had one and Lee had the other? Do they overlap with the stuff I pulled from mine? I didn't take the time to look. I wonder if the two EPs were ever combined into an LP of some sort?

Thanks for the comment! :)

Buster said...

Yes, what actually happened was that Lee posted one EP, said he wished he had the other one. I had it so I provided it to him and he shared it. A few years ago, someone asked me to reupload it, so I did at the link above.

The song you provided is not on the EP I have, but it could have been on Lee's EP, which isn't at hand. I suspect that the two EPs also were issued as a 10-inch LP, which was the norm back then.

Anonymous said...

Just a great series - no specific comments on today's selections, but a general thank you!

-Ethan in San Francisco