Sunday, February 12, 2017

Volume Five-Ten Years On

Another Sunday, another installment of the For Hi-Fi Living series.  And, oddly enough, another set by Hill Bowen, making his third installment in the set.  I guess somebody at RCA really liked him, or he worked really cheap.  This one I think is a little better than the last, or at least the songs are more familiar.  Good selection of songs from Broadway, as well as quite a few I've never heard of from shows that can't have been around for very long.  But I'm not a huge fan of Broadway, so so what do I know. And for those of you keeping track at home, this one features piano interludes. Hope you all are enjoying the series.  I'm getting a few requests from people to repost the series, but I look and see that they're looking at the first postings from ten years ago without searching the blog, or even hitting the front page. Remember, if you're interested in something, it's always worth a second of your time to actually look for it, at least that's always been my philosophy.  Anyhow, here is Hill Bowen And His Orchestra-Love On Broadway (RCA Custom RAL-1005, Mono, 1957).

1. They Didn't Believe Me
2. My Ship
3. Wunderbar
4. Make Believe
5. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
6. June Is Bustin' Out All Over
7. Love Walked In
8. Some Enchanted Evening
9. The Night Was Made For Love
10. Orchids In The Moonlight
11. September Song
12. Falling In Love With Love



  1. I'm really enjoying this series. Then again, I have a very large collection of such easy listening records. I believe that Hill Bowen was an arranger for the more popular George Melachrino.

  2. i think hill bowen may have listened to max steiner ("more fiddles, max!") once too often. but anyone who records "all the things you are", "love walked in", and "september song" is okay in my book. musically, it helps me to get away from my current project. each december, i try to make a playlist of favorite christmas renditions from my now sizable collection of mp3s. the task is next to impossible given the time constraints of the season. so it was my new year's resolution to systematically go through everything and pick out an A-list (a hundred, maybe two hundred)... and while at it, make several other sets in varying musical styles and tastes (i'll finally put together that christmas cha-cha set). ernie, fearless leader, has made one or two lists each year for a long time. and others across the net have done similarly. but one man's A is another man's B... or C or D etc. it's time to make my own.

    but man, do you know how much time it takes? i remember a couple of tijuana christmas songs i want. but i got to wade through about ten phony tijuana brass band albums to find them. it takes hours! and that's just for starters. 'christmas in july' is a rather cute idea. but let me tell you, 'christmas in february' sux. nevertheless, i am determined. if i ever finish and if anyone is interested, maybe i can pass on my selections in one way or another. not sure how that's done.

    meanwhile, "more fiddles, hill".

  3. Interesting series. Thanks for reposting.

    I downloaded this series as you originally posted it ten long years ago but had never put them on CD. Your new posts inspired me to put them on CD and recreate the album covers. I noticed that the album fronts were comparable in both posts but the backs of the albums were nearly pristine in your original posts.

  4. Ernie, interesting set. I hadn't explored these much, but am actually enjoying these when I need a down moment. Thank you.
    Since you hadn't posted in a few weeks, hope all is well. After all these years, you do still have a few fans here on the web. Take care.


    New 2020 link!

  6. Muy hermosa música, muchas gracias, saludos.


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