Wednesday, January 04, 2017

A Miracle

This is the record you've been waiting to hear all season!  Not only does Dr. Glen play the organ, she has recitations!  Ease your seat back, put the virtual needle down on the MP3 player and relax.  Feel the spirit of the season wash over you.  I don't need to say anything else.  This is Dr. Irma Glen-Christmas Miracles Now! (Numinis Recordings PC 136, Stereo, 1970).

1. Christmas Miracle/Hymn Of Glory
2. If You Have A Gift
3. Thanks Be To God
4. Why The Chimes Rang
5. Voix Celeste
6. What Child Is This?
7. Gesu Bambino
8. Jesus, Joy Of Man's Desiring
9. Bell Benedictus



Buster said...

The cover is fantastic!

Geordie said...

Last night, in the wee hours, I quite enjoyed both this and the Jim Cullum.


barba said...

1970! sure sounds like 1955 to me. even older. in fact, irma sounds like the house organist for a 1920s sci-fi silent movie convention. i bet she played the theremin. no wonder you waited until january to post this. it will take an entire year to digest it.

excellent stuff.

Kwork said...

Oh, why not? Thank you.

Ernie said...

New 2018 link...!wQFRxIIZ!aQjbl6O6JvMSk23jmq4dCYxIpBWoty1VY62kmyNgSYw