Saturday, November 26, 2016

...To All Of You

Another day, another share.  If this one looks familiar, I don't know why.  All you have to do is closely examine the tracklist to see that it has different artists (mostly) than the record with the same cover shared out yesterday.  Took me a while to realize I hadn't bought the same record again, though that happens a lot more often than I like to admit.  (Do I have this in stereo?  With the insert? Is this cover different?  Is that copy I got yesterday in decent shape?  Does this inner sleeve feature different advertising?)  Anyhow, this is another record that has a few celebrity greetings and intros for songs, and will go great on your Christmas CD that I know you're hard at work on now.  Or if you're done with it, squirrel this away for next year (and don't forget to send me a copy!).  This is Songs For The Season (#2) (Narwood Productions For The US Army Reserve, Stereo).

1. Andy Williams
2. Eydie Gorme
3. Danny Davis
4. The Lettermen
5. Vic Damone
6. Jack Jones
7. Lena Horne
8. Hank Thompson
9. Booker T.
10. Johnny Mathis


Badgercat said...

Thanks, Ernie. Appreciate it.

Larry Holt said...

Thanks Ernie!
I'm not sure if you have Eydie Gorme and Trios Los Panchos album, but it's a holy grail for me!

Ernie said...

Yeah, I've got that Eydie record somewhere, with at least three different covers, if memory serves. I'll see if I can lay my hands on it, but no promises. I remember ripping it one year a long time ago, but it never made the cut to be shared.

Greg S said...

What's the deal with Zippyshare saying my Flash player is out of date and can't download the file till I update my Fash. I know my flash player is up to date via Adobe. I don't recognize the hose site. Seems very suspicious. Anyone else have problems.? I want to download it but I'm hesitant.

Ernie said...

I think I would ignore anything Zippyshare tries to tell you to do.

Larry Holt said...

Thanks so much Ernie!

Ernie said...

So, here it is, almost four years later, I'm moving some records around, and this one pops up. I happen to notice that the date is listed on the spine of three out of the four in the set. This one is dated 1975. So now you know.