Thursday, July 09, 2015

The Return Of Christmas In July-Day 09

Boy, do I have some goodies for you today!  If you don't like some of these tracks, you don't like Christmas!

Track one, and clearly the best, is Blossom Dearie and Bob Dorough dueting on Baby It's Cold Outside, from Blossom's live LP Needlepoint Magic (Daffodil BMD 105, Stereo, 1979).  I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing when I picked this up, I imagined I was the only person in the world who knew it existed.  Then I saw it show up on a Christmas comp last year.  Oh, well, I'll keep digging.  If neither of those names means anything to you, hit up the Google.

Track dos is Hallelujah (from the chorus of the same name) as performed by The Elmer Iseler Singers And The "Synthescope" Digital Synthesizer Ensemble from the album The Electronic Messiah (Moss Music Group, CBC Series D-MMG 113, Stereo, 1982).  A little later than the time period I usually feature around here, but I couldn't resist.

Track three is Jingle Bells as performed by The Hi-Lo's.  Well, that's what the label says.  Pretty sure this isn't the group you might think of when I say it's The Hi-Lo's.  What do you expect from a budget label?  Anyhow, I snagged this from Reflection In Rhythm With The Hi-Lo's! (Tiara TST 559, Stereo).  Well, at least it's a Christmas song.

Track four is If Winter Comes (Summer Will Come Again), a winter-themed selection by The Tyree Glenn Quintet from Let's Have A Ball (Roulette R 25115, Mono, 1958). Nice enough, I suppose.

Track number five is The Wedding Of The Painted Doll by Lawrence Welk, His Accordion And Orchestra, a rerun from Nimble Fingers (Coral 2x7" 45 RPM EC-82005, Mono, 1955).  Still got a track off this one to go, so you have that to look forward to.

There you go, some good stuff, some bad stuff, and some stuff in between.  And four new tracks, how about that?  Here's the download link, get after it!


Laurie said...

How about that, indeed! Fantastic stuff tonight!

Laurie said...

Your tag on the Hi-Lo's track made me laugh.