Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I love living in Florida! Where else in the USofA could you live (except maybe Hawaii) and see something like these guys in the McDonalds drive-thru?  Actually, I heard them first, then stuck my head out the window to see them on an overhead power line.  But there they were, and they were kind enough to wait until I pulled out the camera to take some pictures.  But they never hang around very long when they aren't camouflaged in some foliage.  They took off unexpectedly and I was only able to get a shot or two of them in the air.  Oh, these are Quaker Parakeets, they aren't native around here, but they have established wild colonies all over this part of Florida and points south.  They're really something to see.  It's really neat when a whole flock of them fly by, flashing those green wings at you up in the air, and the occasional red tailfeather.

You know what, I shot wild parrots in San Francisco once, so I guess I have to take back what I said about only in Florida and Hawaii.


SRQ said...

Love the wild parakeets! There's a small flock in the city limits I see fairly frequently. I didn't know they like fast food establishments. : )

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Yes, well... get your story straight. (-:

Excellent shots. I don't think we see these around here. Somehow, I expected wild parakeets to dress in little biker jackets. Depends on how wild, I suppose.