Sunday, July 29, 2012

Christmas In July 2012-Part 29

Not much longer now.  What a long strange trip it's been.  But I'm not giving up yet.  I've got plenty of good stuff saved up to share out these last few days, I don't think you'll be disappointed.  On your marks, get set, go!

1. White Christmas by Vincent Lopez Singers from the big box set A Century Of American Music (Album Set Productions 4xLP Box 5096 GT 12, Stereo, 1970).  I just picked this up this morning, and there was yet another Christmas song (or two) that I needed to share out this month.  Christmas music really is everywhere if you look for it.

2. The Sleigh Ride by Vienna Volksoper Orchestra-Josef Leo Gruber, Conductor, another track from a big box set, this time it's Music Adventures For Young People (Readers Digest (RCA Custom) 4xLP RD4-32, Stereo).  This is not the Leroy Anderson classic, this is from Mozart.  Also, there are several tracks on this box that I brought you last year from a similar box or two, but this track wasn't on those boxes.

3. Run Rudolph Run, a bit of a ringer by Dave Edmunds, I grabbed it from the soundtrack to the movie Party, Party (A&M SP-3212, Stereo, 1982).  This is a little too new for me, but really, it's thirty years old at this point.

4. Our Winter Love by The Letterman and that same old album of theirs, Warm (Capitol ST 2633, Stereo, 1967).

5. Noel With Variations ("Joseph Est Bien Marié") by E. Power Biggs from his album Historic Organs Of France-The Great Silbermann Organs Of Alsace (Columbia Masterworks MS 7438, Played On The Organ At The Abbey Church Of Ebersmunster, Stereo, 1970).  This is the last of the Noels I have for you from this LP.  Hope you enjoyed them.

6. Herbert: Toyland (From "Babes In Toyland") by Carmen Dragon Conducting The Capitol Symphony Orchestra from Nightfall (Capitol SP 8575, Stereo, 1962).  Yes, Carmen Dragon is the father of The Captain from Captain And Tennille.

7. Hallelujah Chorus by Robert Shaw Conducts The 200 Voices Of The Cleveland Chorus And Members Of The Cleveland Orchestra, from the double LP Yours Is My Heart Alone/All-Time Favorites (RCA Victor Red Seal 2xLP VCS-7023, Stereo, 1963).  Pretty sure this is a rerun around here.

8. Buglers Holiday by The Four Saints from their eponymous album (Warner Bros WS1477, Stereo, 1962).  I've already shared a version of this song by these guys here this month, but it's not the same as this one.  At least I don't think it is.  Someone may correct me on that.

9. The Bells Of St. Mary's by David Carroll And His Orchestra from Repercussion (Mercury SR 60029, Stereo, 1959).  Feel the beat.

10. Winter Wonderland by Sy Mann At The Lowrey from Songs Of The Four Seasons (Golden Crest CR 3007, Mono, 1957).  Nice.

11. Toy Concertino by Johnny Green And The M.G.M. Studio Orchestra from the soundtrack album Grounds For Marriage (MGM 3x10" 78 RPM 67, Mono, 1951).  Yes, that's right, I actually pulled a track off of a 78 set for you today.  Pretty sure that's a first for Christmas in July.

12. Snowfall by Joe Harnell from Golden Piano Hits (Columbia CL 2466 (Radio Station Copy-Clear Yellow Vinyl), Mono, 1966).  That yellow vinyl was quite the surprise.  There's a joka about yellow snowfall in here somewhere, but I'm not going to make it.

13. Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers by Eddie Dunstedter At The Console from Mister Pipe Organ (Capitol T1128, Mono, 1959).  Not sure if I'd want to be known as Mister Pipe Organ, but that's just me.

14. Let There Be Peace by The Choral Group Of The Sisters Of St. Dominic Of Caldwell, NJ, from their album The Sisters' Concert (Foto Disk 415, Mono, 1964).  I think I liked Liberace's version better.

15. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring by Leopold Stokowski Conducting The New Symphony Orchestra Of London With The Norman Luboff Choir from the LP Inspiration (RCA Victor Red Seal LM-2593, Mono, 1962).  Gotta love anything featuring Norman Luboff.

16. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm by Ray Noble And His Orchestra-Vocal By Howard Barrie from We Danced All Night (RCA Camden CAL 380, Mono), which is probably just a collection of old singles, but I'm not sure.  I couldn't even find a good date for this one.

17. The Day The Snow Is Meltin' by The Pete King Orchestra from Moon River (Kapp Medallion ML-7533, Mono, 1962).  Pete King is not known much these days, but he put out some good stuff, especially when it came to Christmas music.

18. Ave Maria-Schubert by Charles M. Courboin At The Grand Court Organ-Wannamaker's, Philadelphia from the album An Organ Recital (RCA Camden CAL218, Mono, 1955).  Last, but not least.

That's right, eighteen great tracks tonight.  They just keep right on a-comin'.  Here's the link, go download yourself some Christmas cheer, and keep comin' back around for more.



Buster said...

So you don't want to be known as Mr. Pipe Organ, eh? That's OK - you're Mr. Christmas in July!

Puffin Randy said...

Man oh Man! Have you ever helped me out. Every year my wife puts together a compilations CD of Christmas songs for family, friends & co-workers, (last year I burned 259 of them & printed covers) and this year with your help from Christmas in July is she ever going to have a bunch of music to choose from!
A big Mahalo from the 50th state!