Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Christmas In July 2011-Day 13

Lucky number thirteen today, so I'm sharing out the most tracks in a single day (11!) as well as the largest download (89 megabytes), though I don't think it's the longest group of tracks...let me check...nope, just over 50 minutes.  I think I did just under 60 minutes one night.  Anyhow, let's jump into the deep end.

1.  Jingle Bells, the only track tonight from a junior high chorus, I promise.  I had plenty of time this evening to record some tracks, so I don't have to throw many of those in the mix tonight, but I make no promises for ensuing days.  This is by the Drexel Hill Junior High Girl's Chorus and I grabbed it from the album Drexel Hill Junior High School Music Concerts 1965-1966 (Recorded Publications Company Z-71661/2, Mono, 1966).  Now, on to some more professional stuff.

2.  Messiah: Hallelujah Chorus as performed by The Robert Shaw Chorale-Robert Shaw, Conductor-Hugh Porter, Organist from the album Great Sacred Choruses (RCA Victor Red Seal LM 1117, Mono, 1954).  This is probably one of the easier Christmas songs to find, but I've tried to limit the versions I've recorded this year.  I don't think most versions sound very good on record.

3. Skater's Waltz, a rerun from Ralph Bell And Shay Torrent from the album Organ Fantasies In Hi-Fi (Mercury MG 20135, Mono, 1956).  I read a review of this in Billboard and they didn't like it.  I think that was one of the few reviews I've seen in there where they didn't have anything good to say.  I wasn't too impressed myself, to tell you the truth.

4. The Village Of St. Bernadette By Ronnie Brown With Orchestra By Henri Rene, from the LP Presenting The Velvet Piano Of Ronnie Brown (Columbia CL 1492, Mono, 1962).  I'd never seen any Henri Rene that wasn't on RCA, or at least nothing that I remember seeing.  Not a very Christmassy track, but I throw it in for volume.

5. The Christmas Song by Tinker Reason from the album Relax With The Tinkers-Volume 3 (T&B Records 106070, Stereo).  I guess The Tinkers were a husband & wife lounge act at some point around here in Sarasota.  At least their contact address on the LP is here in Sarasota.  The testimonials on the back of the record seem to be from places far, far away from the suncoast.  Harry Reasoner says "I enjoyed your music."  Now with a testimonial like that, I had to share this.  I took the shrinkwrap off of this one, too, so you owe me if this turns out to have been some super-valuable rare find.

6. Christmastime, another rerun, this time by Craig Blair With The 100 Voice Collegians from the LP Let Freedom Ring-A Bicentennial Musical By Harry Bollback (Word Of Life Fellowship #W-7606, Stereo, 1976).  Odd little song.

7.  The Gift Of The Magi, a reading of the O. Henry story about gift giving.  This is narrated by Julie Harris from the album The Gift Of The Magi And Other O. Henry Stories (Caedmon TC 1273, Stereo, 1969).  I love these Caedmon releases.

8. My Favorite Things in a landmark version by John Coltrane from his LP of the same name (Atlantic SD-1361, Stereo, 1961).  I read online that this was a really big deal when it was released, but I don't hear it.  To my ears, it's just really, really long.  I guess I've never been much a a jazz connoisseur.

9.  Schnee Walzer (Snow Waltz) by Johnny K And His Jr. Ambassadors from the vinyl In The Chalet With Johnny K & His Jr. Ambassadors (Envoy LP 902, Stereo).  No idea about this one.

10.  Swiss Holiday by Homer Dennison And The Night Strings from the LP Night Love (Evolution/Stereo Dimension Recording 3002, Stereo, 1969).  It could be Christmas...maybe.

11.  The Winter Of My Discontent, not a Christmas song by Anthony Newley Accompanied By Ray Ellis And His Orchestra, from the album In My Solitude (RCA Victor LSP-2925, Stereo, 1964).  Another record that I took out of the protective shrinkwrap just to play and record for you.  I'd hoped it would be better, but you never know...

That's it, 11 tracks for the 13th day.  I'm starting to get the hang of this, now that it's almost the middle of the month.  Here's the download link, and I hope to see you all back here tomorrow.


Buster said...

I think I would like to hear Coltrane doing the Skater's Waltz with the Drexel Park crew.

stubbysfears said...

I'd love to hear Coltrane doing almost anything. My copy of his "My Favorite Things" is on vinyl, too, so you saved me a rip. Do I owe you for that one?

BTW, got Mediafire back to working earlier today. Had to clear my cache for some reason (or maybe the two things were totally unconnected and just coincidental in timing).

jingle bell rocks! doc said...

Awesome shares Ernie...many thanks for all the hard work...esp in this scorching heat, I'm amazed !

BTW, re: Coltrane...Are you guys aware that his BALLADS (Deluxe Edition on CD) has Five versions/ALT takes of "Greensleeves" ? ITs a killer record ! And its a pittance at a mere $14.29 on amazon: