Saturday, July 31, 2010

Christmas In July-The Thirteenth Day

OK, I'm back with the last installment of Christmas in July 2010 that will actually fall in July.  Don't worry, though, I'm planning on keeping this train rolling for a while yet.  It's just that we'll be in the wrong month.  Whoever heard of Christmas in August?  So, what have I got for tonight?  Let's begin with Sammy Davis, Jr. And Carmen McRae With Orchestra Directed By Jack Pleis singing that great duo wintertime song Baby It's Cold Outside.  This hails from their LP Boy Meets Girl (Decca DL 8490, Mono, 1957).  Sammy doesn't play it at all straight on this one, and I'm not sure if I like it that way.  But give it a listen.  Track two is the ever popular Skater's Waltz as performed on the organ by Shay Torrent And Ralph Bell from the LP Hammond Organ Fantasies (Mercury MG 20135, Mono, 1956).  Third is Winter Wonderland by Brazen Brass creator Henry Jerome And His Orchestra from Designed For Dancing (Lion (MGM) 10" E70004, Mono, 1954).  Need some fine, quality handbell music?  Track four is Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy as performed on the handbells by a group called Belles & Beaus.  This is from the album Canfield Choral Music Dept. Presents The English Handbell Sounds Of The Belles & Beaus (Canfield High School 7074N4, Stereo, 1976).  At least two places on the LP, they call them handballs, not handbells.  I guess it takes college level private pressings to include spell checking.  Last on tonight's list is something called Vibraholiday by Lionel Hampton With Rhythm And Reeds from Golden Vibes (Columbia CS 8110, Stereo, 1959).  It may not be Christmas but it's nice.  That concludes today's sharity, here's a download link, have a good one.  See you next month!

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Anonymous said...

Back in my Southern Baptist youth, we celebrated Christmas in August every year. It was a missions offering to help buy Christmas presents for needy children...but needed several months lead time, so we did it in August, along with at least a little out-of-season seasonal trappings. So celebrate on!

Chris in Cary