Friday, February 12, 2010

A Warbler

These are a couple of shots I got of a small bird last weekend at Robinson Preserve in Bradenton. I think it's some species of warbler, but I couldn't tell you which one. According to my book, there are a couple of different ones with the yellow underbelly you see here. (I think it was also a warbler I spotted here, judging by the thin beak, but that one isn't the same as this one.) It's hard for me to ID some of these little birds since I don't see them all that frequently. They're hard to spot in the wild, and I can only get their pictures when I happen to have a long lens on the camera and I happen across them. I usually get a shot or two and they're gone. This guy was different, though. He was out in the open and hopping along the ground for almost 10 minutes, looking for seeds or insects or whatever he eats. For a little guy not much more that four inches beak to tail, I thought I got some pretty decent shots.

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