Sunday, September 06, 2009

Wildlife In Distress

I spotted this poor limpkin on Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland today. If you look close, you'll see he's got one of those plastic rings from a milk jug wrapped around his neck, and it's holding his beak open. When I saw this, I trekked off to see if I could find the number of some animal rescue place to come out and help him. I finally found a security guard at Florida Southern College across the road, but he said they'd tried to get wildlife rescue out for similar situations before and it's next to impossible to find somebody on a weekend, much less a holiday weekend. So I'm hoping someone else helps this guy get unstuck when the workweek rolls around on Tuesday. I tried to get closer to him to see if maybe I could help, but he's still quite mobile, and either walked or flew away every time I tried.

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