Saturday, August 09, 2008

No Haystack Necessary

I finally went out and got myself a new needle for the old turntable today. I think it's been over four years since I got the last one. Well, I think I actually bought a pair of needles last time, so it really hasn't been four years since the last new one. I changed it up and recorded a few things (you'll note the Christmas LP counter is up to 12 at the moment), and I don't think it's really made that much of a difference. But better safe than sorry. The backs of all my old albums constantly tell me the horrible things a worn needle can do to my records, so sometimes I get a bit anxious. But now I'm good for a while. Just for the record, you can get needles at most musical instruments stores. Mine came from the local Sam Ash. They've usually got a DJ department, and that's where they keep the needles. Just take the old one in with you.

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