Monday, April 21, 2008

Unprocessed Thanksgiving Dinner

For only the second time ever, I saw a wild turkey on Sunday. The first time was quite a few years ago when I was first starting to get interested in digital photography. A buddy and I took my new 1 megapixel camera out on a small road trip, and one of our stops was a dirt road that ran up into the Green Swamp a short ways. Off on the side of the dirt road, I spotted a turkey and got a single shot that's only slightly worse than this one. But I knew that great things were coming if I only practiced with that camera. And that brings us to yesterday and my second turkey. This gobbler was on a trail at Oscar Scherer park. I spotted him as soon as I came around a corner. I thought at first it was a single sand hill crane, but I watched him for a second and figured out what it really was. I slowly started trying to get closer for a better shot, but a couple of other hikers walked past me and straight towards the bird, causing him to run off into the bushes. I would have liked to gotten a better picture, but there's always next time. Even if it takes 6 more years...

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Dave said...

Nice photo. When I was in college I used to deliver papers in my car. One day in Mid-November I came around a bend on a country road I delivered on. Right in front of me sat about 50 turkeys right in the middle of the road. Just out of natural reaction I slammed on my brakes, and they all took off flying. I have always wished I had sped up instead, and made a couple of dozen families happy with a fresh wild turkey.

I used to see a lot of wildlife on that paper route. Everything from turkeys, fox, deer, skunks, pheasant, rabbits, coyotes and grouse.