Monday, March 17, 2008

Sweet Home Chicago

A couple of hours from now, I'm going to get on a big plane and fly to Chicago (via Charlotte, NC). I'm flying up there for a couple of days to attend a trade show, so I don't know how much time I'll have to get out and about and shoot, but I'm hoping. It's about 82 here now, and it's below 40 up there. Talk about a shock to the system! I'm staying in a hotel that was built in 1893, so I'm hoping that in itself should provide some nice photo ops. It's right by Grant Park, overlooking Buckingham Fountain, so if the weather allows, it's not a far trip to get some good pics. If I have internet, I'll try to get something posted up while I'm there, but I'm not counting on it. Stay tuned for the end of the week and hopefully I'll have something good to show you all. Wish me luck!


Arn said...

Good Luck!

Lee Hartsfeld said...

It's Thursday, and I'm post-predicting you'll get some great shots!

I love to post-predict. I'm rarely wrong.