Sunday, March 30, 2008

The End

Here's your picture for today and tomorrow, the very end of March. This is also the end of the picture book from 2007, which as you can see has spilled 3 months into 2008. I shot this furry fellow at Ft. Desoto some time back. He was hanging out near the picnic tables hoping for a handout. I didn't give him anything he wanted, so he beat a hasty retreat not long after I took this shot.


charles said...

I was looking for Mozelle Thompson's work online and I came across your blog. I noticed that his history has eluded you as much as it has me. Well, suffice it to say that he was my great-uncle. I'm interested in seeing any more work that you have of his.

Ernie said...

I've got a few more doodles and LP covers by Mozelle, but no information really. You need to get busy and talk to your family members to get some information before it's lost to the ages!