Monday, December 24, 2007

Almost Christmas Time

We're down to the last few hours here, and I'm searching for something to share that won't take too much time out of my busy schedule. I still have to get some Christmas presents, check memory cards & batteries, wrap everything, and then get ready to pick it all up and head for my aunt's house tomorrow morning. I wish I could give my family Christmas music for Christmas, but I suspect they're onto me about that. But you, you get Christmas music for Christmas. And here is a classic that's been floating around my collection for years, I've just never taken the time to record it, and even more time-consuming, scan it. This is a huge gatefold, with all sorts of doodles and lyrics inside the gatefold, and it was just intimidating. I think I finally got it this year, though. I also scanned a non-gatefold reissue with the same cover, but a different back cover, so that's in the ZIP file as well. The picture below isn't that other cover, though. It's actually the back side of the cover you see above. I love a release that actually spends as much money on the back cover as on the front! So please be my guest and download the piano artistry of Roger Williams With The Concert Grand Orchestra Directed by Frank Hunter & Marty Gold-Christmas Time (Kapp KS-3048, 1959). I think you'll like it.


  1. I have a third cover for this one, and I believe I've seen one other. One of yours is new to me. Merry Christmas , Ernie. Thanks for all the shares. It's comforting for my wife to know there are other crazies like me out there.

  2. When I was about 12 years old, my piano teacher gave me Roger Williams "Winter Wonderland" to play. I think I practiced it from about September thru Christmas, until June of the following year... mand that sucker was HARD! Listen to that track and notice all the fancing fingering and stuff... from a TWELVE year old!!! I was just pleased as punch to hear this recording some 35 years later!!! I consider this a SECOND Christmas gift from you, Ernie (the requested David Rose being the first)... brett


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