Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oodles Of Doodles CCXXXIV

I hate to do this to you, but I have to share the worst doodle ever with you tonight. From the flip side to Glenn Miller And His Orchestra-The Golden Hits From His Original Soundtracks (20th Fox Fox 1001, 1961), this is rough. I think I could have drawn something better than this, and I'm certainly no artist. I wouldn't have shared it at all, except for the picture below that came from the front cover. It's Glenn's band for '41 and '42. Look close on the upper left and you'll see Billy May! I had no idea that he played with Glenn Miller. I suppose the things I don't know could easily fill more than one book, but there are things I really should know. Ray Anthony is in there, too, but he doesn't impress me so much as Billy.

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Sunlion said...

Ernie (Not Bert),

I have to agree with you on the doodle! It is a pretty dull thing to paste on a powerhouse troop like the Glenn Miller Orchestra, the swingingest band around! His music was always on the turntable in our house through the fifties and sixties! My father had more of his albums than any other group, although Artie Shaw was up there as well!
Billy May really knew how to swing a big band around, as well, once he was out on his own. The Glenn Miller Orchestra was certainly the place to learn your chops!
Thank you for sharing the doodle (and especially the photograph!)
Thank you for sharing the music, as well!