Sunday, March 11, 2007

Volume 9 For Hi-Fi Living

Here's the ninth installment in the For Hi-Fi Living series, this time featuring the music of Irving Berlin. And if you believe the stuff you read on the back of LP jackets, these tracks were actually chosen by Mr. Berlin himself for inclusion on this record. Take that for whatever it's worth... Here's Jack Say And His Orchestra-The Girl That I Marry-The Music Of Irving Berlin-Vol. 9 For Hi-Fi Living (RCA Custom RAL-1009). Only three more to go, and we'll have the whole series!


Anonymous said...

I've wnted to reply ever since I discovered your blog when I was in Japan, but the reply form was in Japanese. Thank you for the great music, Christmas and non-Christmas. You have fabulous taste.

mel said...

Hi Ernie,

Thanks for another magnificent installment - this one is tremendous!

I'll be sorry when we come to the end of this series. It'll be hard to top!

Unknown said...

i found this album, randomly, at a thrift store for 50 cents. i'm very pleased with my find...

Copacetic47 said...

many thanks!

Lennonka said...

Dear Ernie!

Can you re-upload this album?
This blog is great, you are an excellent collector!
I really looking forward to upload.

Thank you very much!
Have a nice day!