Friday, April 07, 2006

Let The Planes Begin

Today was my first chance to visit the Sun N Fun Fly-In. I've been trying to go all week, but I've been ill. And on top of that, it's always been held in Lakeland, Florida, where I was born and raised, and yet I've never been. So today I tried to make up for lost time. And I will continue to do so tomorrow and possibly Sunday as well. So stay tuned for some pictures. This is the first airshow I've been to since MacDill Airfest last year (which they are postponing indefinately for some reason), and it's supposed to be the second largest in the country. I got there today just in time for the airshow, and it was opened by the parachutist above who was trailing a large flag. I couldn't see if they had a flag catcher out on the landing strip to keep the flag from hitting the ground though. I hope so...

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