Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More Of The Same Other Ray

As promised, here's the second Ray Charles LP released in 1956 for Christmas. I don't know how great of a marketing decision that was, but for those of us who enjoy the music today, it was pretty nice. I can't imagine what Christmas was like 49 years ago, but I'm sure it was a bit different from today. That's our Ray on the front cover, by the way, there on the left. So now you know for sure it's not the usual Ray Charles. Please download and enjoy The Ray Charles Singers-Here We Come A-Caroling (MGM E3467, 1956).

I forgot to mention that I shared an interesting cover from The Ray Charles Singers earlier this year.

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the gardener said...

it's amazing !just the time to write a comment and you give me another one !!
wonderful ! i try again... ;-))