Monday, December 03, 2018

The Second Night

For the second night of Chanukah, I have this older LP that features fun songs and stories, as well as some games you can play.  It's tough to keep the kids entertained (or keep the adults sane) during eight full days, so everything helps.  So if you need a little help getting through those eight crazy nights, here is Gladys Gewartz & Eve Lippman-Chanukah Song Parade (Menorah Records Men-LP206, Mono).

1. Chanukah Blessings
2. Maoz Tzur
3. The Chanukah Story
4. Candle Dance
5. When Chanukah Comes
6. Let's Make Latkes
7. Dreydl Dance-S'vivon
8. Mi Y'mallel
9. Oy Chanukah
10. Sheleg Al Ha-aretz
11. Sing Along
12. Maccabees, March! (A Musical Game)
13. Chanukah Rhythms (A Musical Game)
14. Mattathias Bold (A 3-Part Round)
15. Let's Play A Game Of Dreydl
16. The Ballad Of Judah Maccabee
17. A Chanukah Quiz
18. The Battle Of Emmaus



mel said...

Thanks for this one, Ernie.

The arrangements for the previous one, with the United States Navy Band, was tremendous, and the arrangements were brilliant. Thanks again.

Kwork said...

Looking forward to this one. Thanks.

Sarah said...

I have no idea whether I'll like the album (it's downloading as I type this) but I sure do love the cover! Thank you