Wednesday, December 05, 2018

The Fourth Night

Another one from the archives for this fourth night of Chanukah.  Not sure if I am going to have enough stuff for all eight days, but I'm trying. This one is also from ye olden days of 2010, and is probably a little more listenable than what I gave you last night.  It's kiddie music though, so temper your expectations. This is Shimon & Ilana With Aviva And Shira, Featuring Sally Speer And Dave Tilman-Chanukah Songs For Children (Elite Records ELS-404, Stereo).

1. Y'Mey Ha-Cha-Nu-Kah
2. Neyr Li
3. Y'La-Dim Ba-Ney-Rot
4. Listen And Follow Me
5. Chanukah Begins Tonight
6. Ma-Oz Tzur--Rock Of Ages
7. Chanukah Blessings
8. The Dreidle Song
9. S'Vi-Von
10. Once There Was A Time
11. Peh-Leh P'La-Im
12. Ha-Yoh Ha-Yah Ish
13. Ha-Ney-Rot Ha-La-Lu
14. Shine, Little Candles
15. Chanukah, Chag Ya-Feh
16. Mi Y'Ma-Leyl (Who Can Retell?)