Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Bring It Home

Time to jump back into my series of records from the US armed forces, tonight it's a custom radio show from the USAF featuring Jim Ed Brown, Dottie West and Johnny Mathis. (Not all together though.  Johnny is on the opposite side of everyone else, he gets his own show.)  I could have sworn I shared this out years ago, but there's no sign of it when I search the blog.  I know I recorded it quite a while ago because I found the old tracks in the archive, but I must not have done anything with it.  At first, I didn't realize I had the old files, so I recorded the whole thing again, but discovered the old stuff before I cut the new one into tracks.  So if you download the cut up version, you get the old files (at a slightly lower bitrate), or you can download the uncut version (at a full 320).  Your choice.  Both of them sound pretty good to me.  So please be my guest, download and listen to Christmas At Home... (Directorate Of Advertising, Hq USAF Recruiting Service No Number, Stereo, 1972).  Got more from this series upcoming, so stay tuned!

1. Christmas At Home Featuring Jim Ed Brown & Dottie West
2. Christmas With Johnny Mathis (Hosted by Roger Carroll)

MEGA (Uncut)
MEGA (Tracks)


Buster said...

Very excellent indeed!

By the way, I transferred an LP tonight and it went well! My technical woes may be over.

Kwork said...

Thanks for both options. I appreciate when programs are cut up, and also when they aren't. Much appreciated.