Monday, December 03, 2018


Fitting in with the on-going theme of Christmas from different places all around the world, here's a really old share from 2008 that I'll throw up for what it's worth.  Not one of my favorite oldies, to be sure, but I'm sure there are some folks out there who might like it.  This is The Men's Choir Of St. Hedwig's-Polish Christmas Carols (Custom Pressed By Columbia Record Production SRS-513, Stereo).

1. Narodzil Sie Jezus Chrystus (Christ Is Born)
2. W Zlobie Lezy (In The Manger)
3. Dzisiaj W Betlejem (Today In Bethlehem)
4. Tryumfy Krola Niebieskiego (Triumph Of The Heavenly King)
5. Sliczna Panienka (Beautiful Maiden)
6. Wesola Nowine (Happy Tidings)
7. Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy (At Midnight)
8. Pospieszcie (Hasten Shepherds)
9. Kolysanka (Lullaby)
10. Lulajze (Go To Sleep)
11. Znarodzenia Pana (Master's Birth)
12. A De-ste Fideles
13. Chrystus, Chrystus (Christ, Christ)



Anonymous said...

I downloaded this one in a prior share, for my Dad (first-generation of Polish descent - he remembered a number of these songs from his childhood). This is a rather plodding albeit sincere record. Good for those looking for Polish-language Christmas songs. Ernie - thank you for sharing again, and for ALL you do!

Kwork said...

This one excites me. Thank you.

zoltanzylox said...

Thanks Ernie!