Sunday, December 02, 2018


From England we venture not very far at all to Ireland. I guess I should have planned this out a little better.  This one is part of the Capitol Of The World series, but it's the first one I've shared that's actually in stereo.  And I just happened to rip a later reissue because that's the first stereo version I found.  I had earlier ripped a mono original, then I found out it was available in stereo.  I was hunting down a stereo version and came across the reissue.  I ripped that one, then an online friend who shall remain nameless (Hi, Laurie!) sent me a copy of a stereo original.  I didn't see much reason to rip it a third time, so I'm giving you my rip of the reissue, along with a scan of the cover and labels of the stereo original version.  Things get complicated when you talk about records released so long ago.  Anyhow, this is The Little Dublin Singers, Choirmaster-Frank O'Kelly, Organist-Norman Metcalfe-Christmas In Ireland (Capitol 'Capitol International Series' SP-10412 (Reissue of ST-10412 from 1965), Stereo).

1. The Child Divine
2. The Holly And Ivy Girl
3. Adeste Fideles
4. Fum, Fum
5. Lullaby (Aonach Mhalla)
6. A Night In Bethlehem (Don Oiche Ud I mBeithil
7. The First Noel
8. The Christmas Bell
9. Hang Up The Holly
10. The Birds
11. Brown Leaves On The Liffey
12. The Wren (Am Dreoilin)
13. Christmas In Kerry
14. The Wren Has A Nest (Ta Nead Ag An Dreoilin)
15. Jingle Bells



Rich said...

Thank you, Ernie, for the Christmas around the world series.


Kwork said...

I agree. This sounds like it'll be fantastic. I also like mono, so will take or keep both if available.