Thursday, December 06, 2018


This share is a little something interesting that's been in my collection for a long time now, and it's been in the stack for ripping almost as long, I've just never had a chance to get to it until this year.  The record you see above features Christmas carols from countries all over Europe, which really isn't anything special.  What is special is that it was put together for and sold to US servicemen serving in Europe during the Cold War.  I've got several of these in my collection, and they often have notes on the back where it was sent home as a gift to loved ones in America.  This will probably bring back some memories for certain people in my audience, and if you were one of those who sent something like this home at the time, let me thank you for your service! This is Christmas In Europe (Philips (Holland) P 10181 L "Presented By EES Service", Mono, 1956)

1. Prof. Karl Walter With The Pummerin And Churchbell-Ringing Of The Stephansdom In Vienna-Silent Night, Holy Night-Churchorgan Improvisation
2. Der Bender'sche Kinderchor With Orchestra And Organ-O Tannenbaum
3. Chorus And Orchestra Conducted By J.P. Kreder-La Noel Passee
4. Duo Di Zampogne-Piva Piva
5. Wally Stott And His Orchestra-Good King Wenceslas
6. Choeur Des Mesanges Under The Direction Of Raymonde Davet With Organ Accompaniment By Linack-Tout Dort Dans La Nuit Sombre
7. Cantores De Madrid, José Perera-Conductor-El Belen Tocan A Fuego
8. Royal Male Choir Mastreechter Staar, Martin Koekelkoren-Conductor-Adeste Fideles (Sung In Latin)
9. De Leeuweriken Childrenchorus Under The Direction Of C. Kries With Orchestral Accompaniment-De Herdertjes Lagen Bij Nachte O, Hoe Heerlijk
10. Chorus And Orchestra Conducted By J.P. Kreder-Oh Que De Gens
11. Der Bender'sche Kinderchor With Orchestral Accompaniment-Ihr Kinderlein Kommet
12. Muriel Smith With Accompaniment Under The Direction Of Wally Stott-Away In A Manger
13. The Belen Choir With Orchestral Accompaniment-Rin Rin
14. Lillian Fugman With Arne Lamberth And His Orchestra-Du Kaere Gamle Julemand
15. Resegone Alpine Chorus, Danilo Bertani-Conductor-Tu Scendi Dalle Stellq
16. Der Bender'sche Kinderchor With Orchestral Accompaniment-Süsser Die Glocken Nie Klingen
17. The Bells Of The Stephansdom In Vienna (The Pummerin Is The Heaviest Churchbell)-The Sound Of The Pummerin



Daniel M said...

After all this time, and all of your shares, this is the first one that I recognize from my childhood! Of course, we still have ours kicking around in the family collection, and I long ago digitized the sounds from that copy to enjoy throughout the year. But that won't stop me from obtaining the sounds from your copy! Thanks again for all your hard work!!!!!

Ernie said...

Daniel, what's the date printed on your copy, can you check for me? The one's I checked were all printed with either 1956 or 1957. Glad I finally found something you recognized. :)

Daniel M said...

Ernie, it will take me a while as it's at my parents house on the other side of the country. But good news is I will be there this weekend :-). I only took a photo of the front when I recorded it.

Buster said...

This is from 1956 or 57, eh? I have Wally Stott and Muriel Smith LPs on Philips and I always thought they were from circa 1960 - but maybe that's just when my pressings were made.

Have you ever offered that Muriel Smith LP? I should dig it out.

Ernie said...

Buster, I suspect these are from singles, but I could be mistaken. The Wally Stott Christmas LP I have is from much later and in Stereo. Never shared the Muriel Smith stuff, but the LP I'm picturing in my head is later than this. Again, there's a good chance I don't know what I'm talking about. :)

Daniel M said...

My family's copy is dated Christmas 1956. My Dad has no recollection of this record, or of buying it, so we figure that my Mom picked it up which is very likely. She probably got it from the "Bargain Bin," because it's us, and because they were not in Europe for the 1956 Christmas Season, arriving there sometime in late 1957. But as I said before, I remember my Mother having fond happy memories of that time whenever we listed to this record.

Ernie said...

Daniel, thanks for the update. I was just curious if there were more dates out there than what I've found. And I'm sure the records were available in other years, they were just targeting those years originally. Thanks again!

Kwork said...

Thank you very much!