Friday, December 07, 2018

Europe 2!

Apparently, the LP I shared with you yesterday wasn't the only one of it's kind.  The one you see above appears to have been made and sold at the same time for the same purpose, and even overlaps a few tracks.  But there is enough different music here for me to want to share it as well.  I think a slightly different government agency was responsible for this one, maybe Army instead of Air Force, but I'm not really up on all the details enough to figure it out.  Perhaps one of my visitors can explain the fine subtleties of such things.  If you enjoyed the last one, this is more of the same (and in certain cases, the exact same). This is Christmas In Europe (Philips (Holland) P 10185 L (AFX), Mono, 1956). I may have forgotten to mention this in the last post, but in both cases I have two different rear sleeve images, one with 1956 and one with 1957.  So this was apparently reprinted more than once, it must have been somewhat popular.

1. Der Bender'sche Kinderchor With Orchestra And Organ-Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht
2. Royal Male Choir Mastreechter Staar, Martin Koekelkoren-Conductor-The First Nowel
3. Wally Stott And His Orchestra-Sleigh Ride
4. Choeur Des Mesanges Under The Direction Of Raymonde Davet With Organ Accompaniment By Linack-Tout Dort Dans La Nuit Sombre
5. Der Bender'sche Kinderchor With Orchestra And Organ-O Du Frohliche
6. Regesone Alpine Choir, Danilo Bertani-Conductor-Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle
7. Der Bender'sche Kinderchor With Orchestra And Organ-O Tannenbaum
8. Haags Kinderchor With Organ Accompaniment And String Quartet, M. Borstlap-Conductor-Komt Allen Tezamen
9. Muriel Smith With Accompaniment Under The Direction Of Wally Stott-Away In A Manger
10. Wally Stott And His Orchestra-Good King Wenceslas
11. Der Bender'sche Kinderchor With Orchestral Accompaniment-Ihr Kinderlein Kommet
12. The Belen Choir With Orchestral Accompaniment-Rin Rin
13. Royal Male Choir Mastreechter Staar, Martin Koekelkoren-Conductor-Les Agnes Dans Nos Campagnes
14. Wally Stott And His Orchestra-White Christmas



Daniel M said...

There is a little bit of explanation regarding "EES SERVICE" (P 10181 L) and "AFEX" (P 10185 L) at the link below. It looks like they were both similar organizations within the military command structure, tasked with running retail outlets for the US Serviceman. If you can make sense of it, you are wiser than I am. As a very young kid, we just knew everything as the "PX" or "Commissary" I will ask my Dad if he remembers the purchasing details of that record we have (P 10181 L), he might. I'm pretty sure he was over there, the first time, for Christmas 1957 with wife and young child. I remember my Mom always seemed to have fond happy memories associated with that record when we played it in later years. I'll check the date on the back of our album this weekend.

Ernie said...

Yeah, I spent some time at that website while researching these records (and there are more...) and decided it was a mess I didn't want to get into.

Christmas Collector said...

Any Chance you can re up Eddie Dunstedter ‎– The Bells Of Christmas - Vol. 2 - The Bells Of Christmas Chime Again, thank you

Buster said...

I have this record, but don't know which back cover. I didn't realize it was a PX item.

Kwork said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

When I looked up "Belen Choir", I ran across the same album for sale at Amazon: