Sunday, December 02, 2018

Chappy Chanukah!

Luckily, someone reminded me that Chanukah starts tonight at sundown, otherwise I might have missed the first few days.  I was thinking for some reason that the end date of Hannukah was the beginning this year.  Not sure why.  I am always excited to find Chanukkah records to share here at the blog, since I know not everyone celebrates Christmas.  I found this one sealed on one of my fishing expeditions, and the sound is really good.  This is The United States Navy Band And Chorus With The Sea Chanters-The Traditions Of Hanukkah (The United States Navy Band, Washington, D.C. No Number, Stereo, 1980).  And it also fits nicely into our military music theme we started just yesterday.  How sweet is that!

1. Hanukkah Blessings
2. O Hanukkah
3. Eight Days Of Hanukkah
4. Shining Light Medley: Neyr Li; Y'Ladim
5. Hanukkah Medley: Simoo Shemen; Shivchey Mo'oz
6. Hanukkah Begins Tonight
7. Dreidel Medley: Dreidel Song; Peh Leh P'la Im; S'Vivon
8. Raisins And Almonds
9. Finale (Fantasy On Mo'oz Tzur)



Michael said...

The download link to MEGA doesn`t seem to work... At Least for me.

Ernie said...

Forgot to link it, sorry. Should work now.

Buster said...

Happy to see that you are adding some Chanukah music to the mix!

Kwork said...

Me too. Thank you very much!

mel said...

Thank you, Ernie.

Steve Turner said...

I've never looked closely at the United States Navy Band logo before. The eagle, harp. and anchor are pretty cool and it was also interesting to learn that the band calls their recording studio"The Sail Loft". Thanks Ernie.

Phillip said...

Thanks for the Chanukah music Ernie