Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Puerto Rico!

Does it count as an international record if it's from a US territory?  Maybe not, so I'll throw this reshare up in the middle of the night and perhaps no one will notice. From the golden age that was 2010, This is Cantares De Navidad (Gay Songs For Christmas) (Marvela-Puerto Rico Record Mfg. Co.  MVLP-48, Mono).

1. Cantares De Navidad-Trio Vegabajeño
2. Vispera De Reyes-Duo Irizarry De Córdeva
3. Cada Navidad-Felipe Rodriguez
4. Los Tres Reyes Magos-Trio Vegabajeño
5. En Esta Navidad-Gloria Y Domy
6. Nuestra Navidad-Johnny Rodriguez
7. Los Reyes No Llegaron-Felipe Rodriguez
8. Noche De Paz-Trio Vegabajeño
9. Lamento De Navidad-Felipe Rodriguez
10. De Tierras Lejanas-Toñin Romero
11. Las Campanas De Navidad-Johnny Rodriguez Y Su Trio
12. A La Zarandela-Conjunto Cibaeño



newnativemark said...

Oops! Somebody noticed...

Thank you so much for posting this insane amount of eclectic styles... I am loving it every day. Hats off to you!


Kwork said...

And someone else noticed. Thanks.