Saturday, December 08, 2018

Something You Might Need

I was quite excited the night I spotted this record at a local Goodwill store.  I rushed home and recorded it that night, thinking it would make a great addition to my around-the-world shares this year.  But while it was recording, I was doing a little research and found that you can still buy it from the order that these monks came from.  So head over there and get your own copy! On CD or cassette, no messing around with crusty vinyl!  They'll be happy to hear from you and I'll feel a little better about turning you on to some music you might otherwise not have heard!

Mount Alvernia Seminary Choir, New York-Christmas In A Monastery-The Sons Of St. Francis Sing ( ABC-Paramount ABC-211, Mono, 1957)

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barba said...

just one look at that guy with the axe is sufficient research to know that you shouldn't post his music.