Friday, December 18, 2009

Success Story, Volume 10

I found this record many years before I considered myself to be a collector of Christmas music. I bought albums sometimes, but because I liked the artist or the cover, and I think this fell into the cover category. Later on, as my interest in Christmas music grew, I played this and realized what a great album it was. I even shared it out back in 2005, again in 2006 and yet again in 2007. But I found out in October of '08 that someone had finally decided to bring this great LP into the digital age, legally that is. So if you want to hear this one, you can head on over to Amazon and download it! For Google, this is The Surfers-Christmas From Hawaii (HiFi R410, 1959, Mono).


Michelle said...

I appologize for posting it here, but I can't find an e-mail address to use... Thought you might enjoy 'Silent Night' played on a musical saw (filmed yesterday in the NYC subway):
The musician is Natalia 'Saw Lady' Paruz -

Merry Christmas,

Ernie said...

I've been on the subway in NYC, and all I got were a couple of mariachi band out in the Bronx. This is much better. Thanks!