Thursday, December 17, 2009

EP Day, Part 5

I may as well throw up this other flexi-disc while I'm at it. This one is probably more interesting than the others, both in content and the fact that it's double sided. Most flexis are so thin that you can play the same music from either side, but no this one. Look close at the picture above and you can see that the contents are even printed backwards for the flip side. This record was made both by and for employees of General Motors. Funny how they could spend money on something like this back in the day, yet they go bankrupt in 2009. I guess it's all in the game. I promise that this free download won't bankrupt you. Here's Songs Of Christmas By The General Motors Chorus (Eva-Tone 7" 33 RPM Clear Flexi Disc). I originally shared this in 2007, BTW.

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