Thursday, December 17, 2009

EP Day, Part 12

Am I saving the best for last? Nah, I think I shared the best with you first thing this morning, but I did save some pretty good for last. From the great Hugo Winterhalter, a couple of cha-cha tracks that will get you out on the dance floor in no time. Please downloadHugo Winterhalter And His Orchestra-The Christmas Song Cha Cha b/w Rudolph The Red-Nose Cha Cha (RCA Victor 7" 45 RPM 47-7397, Mono). I first shared both sides of this single with you back in 2007, but I shared the Rudolph song from an Italian LP here.

This isn't the end of the Winterhalter. Stay tuned a little while...


JMan said...

Thanks for all the great shares over the years Ernie.
Downloaded this zip file just fine but the files don't play - any ideas?

Ernie said...

Should be a couple of MP3 files and some jpgs in the download. Is that what you see when you unzip them? I've seen some people try to play the files without unzipping them first, and that doesn't always work.