Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Littlest Lullaby?

Here are a couple of nice Christmas stories for you by movie stars from an earlier era. Loretta Young and Gregory Peck each get a side here, and both tell charming stories of Christmas. I believe each side was once it's own set of 78s, but their combined here into a single LP. I'm not too certain of my date, either. They hadn't issued too many albums in 1949, so that may be when they first released this material on 78. Anyhow, these are some good sides that I've been sharing with you since 2006. Please download Loretta Young-The Littlest Angel and Gregory Peck-Lullaby Of Christmas (Decca DLP 8009, Mono, 1949).

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Dave said...

Ernie. I think these sets had about 3 or 4 different releases before being combined into a 12 combo set. You can hear the 78 rpm sets over at Kiddie Records Weekly. I have this same LP, but it has a different cover yet. I also have a 45 rpm 3 record box set of the Littlest Angel story. I do think you are right about 1949. I think that was the year of the original release. Thanks again for your great shares.