Friday, December 18, 2009

The Proper Ornaments

I thought some of you might like to see some of the ornaments from the Christmas tree at work. I work at a sheet metal company, and many years, if we're not super busy, we'll design and cut out a fancy stainless steel Christmas ornament, then hand them out to employees, customers and prospective customers. The newest one is the angel above, celebrating our 35th year in business. I haven't been there that long, but some days it feels like it.

This snowflake was probably the most well received ornament. It took a long time to make these because of the little tiny scallops on the edges. And since this came out in 2001, we made sure to put a patriotic little USA on there.

Frosty is always a big hit, whether he's made of snow or stainless steel.

I was never sure what city that's supposed to be that Santa is flying over? We've got shops in Bradenton, Lakeland and Daytona Beach, Florida, as well as one in Twinsburg, Ohio. None of those places has a skyline that looks quite like this.

No, we did not cut the bell from silver. It cost enough to cut it from SS sheet. I think the only one of these I'm missing here is a sleigh we did that was so big and heavy you couldn't hang it on the tree. I'm still looking for one of those, but I'm not very optimistic that I'll find it before Christmas.


ceebee said...

those ornaments look nice.

stubbysfears said...

Totally cool!

Anonymous said...

cool I did not know you had those. All I have is a 3d christmas tree with a star on top. I like the bell the best.