Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's Half Of Christmas Times Two?

You knew there had to be another collection for Christmas And A Half 2009, didn't you? Roughly thirty more tracks from a wide cross section of singles I'd collected throughout the last year, covering everything from disco to country. I know you'll find something in here you didn't know you needed. I never posted the tracklist for this back in June, I was in Ohio shooting pictures for a golf outing and just couldn't seem to find the time to type it all in. But here it is. If you hesitated before because you didn't know exactly what was in here, now you can download Ernie's Christmas And A Half 2009 Celebration!.

Tony Martin With The Interludes and Henri René's Orchestra-Christmas In Rio
Benny Strong And His Orchestra-Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)
Gene & Jerry-Hootenanny Christmas
Sunshine Ruby-I Wanna Do Something For Santa Claus
Ronnie Rinard-I'll Be Home For Christmas
The Sun Valley Trio-It Happened In Sun Valley
Father Malcolm Boyd & Charlie Byrd-It's Christmas Again, Jesus (Background Music-O Holy Night)
No Artist Listed-It's One Day Closer To Christmas (Please Do Your Mailing Now)-French Version
Paul Trip, Music By Ray Carter-I've Got A Date With Santa (At Half Past Xmas Time)
Ken Martinson & Santas Elves-Jingle, Jangle & Joe
Les Paul And Mary Ford-Jungle Bells
The Sullivan Family-Merry Christmas From Vietnam
Frank Gallagher With Dana Serenaders And Orchestra-Merry Christmas-Polka
The Lennon Sisters-Peppy The Peppermint Bear
Bill Robbin And His Blue Jays-Rockin' Bells
Roger Kirby-Rockin Reindeer
Johnny Maddox And The Rhythmasters-Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Eddy Arnold And His Guitar-Sittin' On Santa Claus' Lap
Society's Children-White Christmas
Russ Morgan And His Orchestra, Vocal By Russ Morgan And The Morganaires-Willy Claus (Little Son Of Santa Claus)
Bobby Emmons And The Crosstones With The Wanderers-Christmas Bell Rock
Dorothy Olsen With Norman Leyden And His Orchestra And Chorus-Christmas Spirit
The Mulcays And Their Electric Harmonicas-Jingle Bells
Kelly Schoppa-Merry Texas Christmas
MK Rawlings Elementary Chorus And Us-Santa's Flight Song
Dave Dudley-Six Tons Of Toys
Vaughn Monroe And His Orchestra, Vocal Refrain By Vaughn Monroe And The Moon Maids-Snowy White Snow And Jingle Bells
Bill Anderson-The Night Before Christmas And The Story Of The Nativity
Benny Martin-Droopy Little Christmas Tree
Red Sovine-Is There Really A Santa Claus
The Willis Brothers-Jingle Jill And Jangle Joe
(These last three are all from the same 6-song single. Is that cheating?)


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Malcolm Boyd and jazz....

Michael said...

Hi Ernie. I was hoping to find a copy of "Paul Trip, Music By Ray Carter-I've Got A Date With Santa (At Half Past Xmas Time)", but it looks like the link is down.

Can you help?


Michael Spielman
Laveen, AZ

Michael said...

Never mind! I found it in an old back-up. Thanks for your help anyway.

Michael Spielman
Laveen, AZ