Thursday, January 03, 2019

The Blackwoods Return

I've been sharing out so much old gospel music lately, I may as well bring this one out again from the 2011 sharity season, though it was actually shared out early in 2012.  As far as I was raised, The Blackwood Brothers were the gospel group of choice.  Unfortunately, by the time this LP came out, they may have been well past their heyday.  On this album, they give in to modern production techniques and some song styles that are a little too far from their base. That's not to say you shouldn't at least listen to it once, just so you know.  And if you didn't download it before, this new re-encode is what you want.  This is The Blackwood Brothers- Merry Christmas From The Blackwood Brothers (Voice Box VB 0779, Stereo, 1979).

1. White Christmas (Cecil)
2. The First Noel (Jimmy)
3. Oh Holy Night (James)
4. Chestnuts Roasting (John)
5. Silent Night, Holy Night (Ken)
6. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (Ken)
7. Joy To The World (John)
8. Hark, The Herald Angels Sing (James)
9. Oh Come All Ye Faithful (Jimmy)
10. Away In A Manger (Cecil)

Maybe my biggest disappointment with this LP was the lack of those Southern Gospel harmonies. Everybody pretty much sings by themselves here.  Whoever thought that was a good idea needs a quick lesson in what made these folks famous in the first place.


Buster said...

I agree the earlier material is better. I've been meaning to break out their first RCA LP - I'll have to do it soon.

Kwork said...

Thanks. Not their best era for sure. I'd love to hear an earlier Christmas record from them.