Saturday, January 05, 2019

A Holy Childhood

Do you need a few more public service announcements from TV stars of the late Seventies?  Sure you do!  These are for a group known as Holy Childhood Association, though they appear to be selling something called Christmas Seals.  Not sure if they were associated with The American Lung Association or not, it's a little confusing.  Anyhow, one side is Christmas PSA's, the second side is for use after Christmas.  And the whole thing was pressed into the vinyl off center.  I had to make a small stack of other 45's underneath this record, then slowly move it around until I got it somewhat better centered.  I think it came out pretty good.  You don't hear that wavering back and forth that was there at first.  This is Holy Childhood Association Christmas PSA's (Holy Childhood Association 7" 33 RPM AAVP #8303, Stereo).

1. Henry Fonda
2. Betty White
3. Ron Howard
4. Mike Conners
5. Hugh O'Brian
6. Gary Burghoff
7. Betty White
8. Mike Conners



Buster said...

You sure do have a lot of these things!

barba said...

off-center vinyl. i LOVE off-center vinyl. you pays your money; you takes your chances. and you bring your record home and, lo and behold, it’s wacky awfulness! i especially love those records where somebody took a knife and scraped the side of the hole about 10 thousand times trying to get it to play right, never succeeding. i remember taking one back to the store a long time ago: “uh, this record here. it was stamped off-center. it doesn’t play right.” “hmm. it looks okay to me. that hole is right in the middle.” “no, it’s not the hole. you see, the entire set of grooves was pressed off-center. it’s hard to tell because…” “but rca made that record. they make tvs and stereos. they’re the most trusted name in electronics. they wouldn’t make a mistake like that.”

i think if i were to start another collection, it would be off-center vinyl. an exercise in pandemic schadenfreude perhaps. or just a way of getting even.

Ernie said...

Sounds like a good idea for a sharity blog. barba, get on that for 2019, make it your resolution!

Kwork said...

I remember them off centered 45s. LOL! Thank you.