Thursday, January 03, 2019

Marni & Donald

Here's an interesting collection of Christmas stories that I've never seen another copy of.  Maybe that means something, maybe it doesn't.  But at this point, I tend to think that if I haven't seen something before, it must be at least a little bit hard to find.  These stories seem to be a step or two up from the usual stuff I find and share.  The recordings are professionally done, the writing is from established writers, and the narrators are names you may have heard of.  Marni Nixon is certainly a popular singer with a very long list of credits to her name. Donald Murphy, well, I'll have to look him up. Looks like he was a actor in some film noir from the fifties and a string of TV appearances after that.  Got his start on Broadway.  OK, so maybe he's not as well known as Marni Nixon.  But the stories are good.  Unfortunately, the two artists do not share billing on any of the stories, they're all solo works.  If you're still here after all that, please download The Best In Children's Literature...Christmas Stories (Bowmar Records CL 3, Mono, 1963).

1. Marni Nixon-On Christmas Eve
2. Donald Murphy-Paddy's Christmas
3. Marni Nixon-The Christmas Kitten
4. Donald Murphy-The Long Stocking
5. Marni Nixon-The Friendly Beasts


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Kwork said...

Love Marni. Thank you very much!