Saturday, January 05, 2019


Probably shouldn't have saved this one until this close to the end, but I forgot about it until recently.  It fits in quite nicely with the Christmas around the world and then the USA theme.  It's a local record from the Akron-Canton area of Ohio, with contributions from all sorts of area groups.  There's some good stuff on here.  I spent a little time researching that cover image because I couldn't figure out what the description in lower left was trying to tell me. Turns out Simon Perkins is the name of the guy who owned the house in the picture.  The artist is Cathy Welner.  If you look real close, you can see the same credits written in the snow about halfway up the image.  The house is supposed to be a local landmark, but the people I spoke to who were born and raised in the area didn't know anything about it.  So it goes.  Music here was put together by a local radio station and a local chain of super stores.  Since this is volume two, I'm going to have to track down volume one now.  Anybody got one laying around they want to send me?  This is Songs Of Christmas-Volume Two (Akron/Canton, Ohio) (WAKR/Acme, Clik, Y-Mart Stores No Number, Stereo, 1985).

1. The Chapel Festival Orchestra-Christmas Heritage
2. First United Church Of Christ-Angels We Have Heard On High
3. Ken Kramer-It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
4. St. Hilary's Catholic Church-Sing For Joy
5. Jim Kalal-Away In A Manger
6. Holy Cross Lutheran Women's Ensemble-Silent Night
7. University Of Akron Steel Drums-"Trepak" From Nutcracker Suite
8. St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Men & Boys Choir)-Blessed Son Of God
9. Brenda Campbell & Mary Paul-Christmas Song
10. The Church In The Falls-Carol Of The Bells
11. Heidi Saari-Men Now Have Hope
12. House Of The Lord-Jesus Is The Light Of The World



Kwork said...

I usually enjoy these kinds of records even when I'm not local to the areas, which is most of the time. Thank you.

barba said...

steel drums. akron.

who knew?

Buster said...

Acme Stores are still around, not so sure about the other two.