Friday, January 04, 2019

Half Of 2009

What's that?  A whole other collection of Christmas 45s, this time for Christmas and a Half from 2009?  Yep, you got it.  Again, just a bunch of random 45s with no rhyme nor reason, and no artwork.  This is Ernie's Christmas And A Half 2009 Celebration.

Tony Martin With The Interludes and Henri René's Orchestra-Christmas In Rio
Benny Strong And His Orchestra-Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)
Gene & Jerry-Hootenanny Christmas
Sunshine Ruby-I Wanna Do Something For Santa Claus
Ronnie Rinard-I'll Be Home For Christmas
The Sun Valley Trio-It Happened In Sun Valley
Father Malcolm Boyd & Charlie Byrd-It's Christmas Again, Jesus (Background Music-O Holy Night)
No Artist Listed-It's One Day Closer To Christmas (Please Do Your Mailing Now)-French Version
Paul Trip, Music By Ray Carter-I've Got A Date With Santa (At Half Past Xmas Time)
Ken Martinson & Santas Elves-Jingle, Jangle & Joe
Les Paul And Mary Ford-Jungle Bells
The Sullivan Family-Merry Christmas From Vietnam
Frank Gallagher With Dana Serenaders And Orchestra-Merry Christmas-Polka
The Lennon Sisters-Peppy The Peppermint Bear
Bill Robbin And His Blue Jays-Rockin' Bells
Roger Kirby-Rockin Reindeer
Johnny Maddox And The Rhythmasters-Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Eddy Arnold And His Guitar-Sittin' On Santa Claus' Lap
Society's Children-White Christmas
Russ Morgan And His Orchestra, Vocal By Russ Morgan And The Morganaires-Willy Claus (Little Son Of Santa Claus)
Bobby Emmons And The Crosstones With The Wanderers-Christmas Bell Rock
Dorothy Olsen With Norman Leyden And His Orchestra And Chorus-Christmas Spirit
The Mulcays And Their Electric Harmonicas-Jingle Bells
Kelly Schoppa-Merry Texas Christmas
MK Rawlings Elementary Chorus And Us-Santa's Flight Song
Dave Dudley-Six Tons Of Toys
Vaughn Monroe And His Orchestra, Vocal Refrain By Vaughn Monroe And The Moon Maids-Snowy White Snow And Jingle Bells
Bill Anderson-The Night Before Christmas And The Story Of The Nativity
Benny Martin-Droopy Little Christmas Tree
Red Sovine-Is There Really A Santa Claus
The Willis Brothers-Jingle Jill And Jangle Joe



Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie. I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all the music you share with us every year. It's as much a Christmas tradition as everything I do with my family. I am already looking forward to Christmas in July, as well as to next Christmas and beyond. Thanks again!

Buster said...

This is quite the collection. I think my favorite is the French language PSA to mail your Christmas cards early. Was this from Quebec?

Ernie said...

Hmm, don't remember. :( Probably.

Kwork said...

Love these comps. Much appreciated.