Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tiffany & The Dead

During my trip to Cleveland last year, I visited Lakeview Cemetery. I find myself going to cemeteries fairly often, and I'm not sure why. I don't get a whole lot of good pictures there, but they are neat to wander through. This particular cemetery features a tomb and monument to President James Garfield that I shared a bit of with you before, and a small chapel that I want to share with you now. Known as the Wade Memorial Chapel, it was dedicated in 1901. What separates this from other chapels in other cemeteries is the interior that was decorated by Louis Comfort Tiffany. That's right, Tiffany. Each wall is covered in beautiful tile murals, the pews are decorated with tile medallions, the alter is distinguished by intricate fretwork and the wall opposite the entrance is a huge stained glass window. You can see one of the walls in the shot above, and details of the stained glass window in the two shots below. The bottom picture shows the chapel itself from across the small lake on which it is located. If you get the chance, this place is worth a few minutes of your time. Oh, and there is an attendant on duty to tell you all these things.

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Anonymous said...

very nice pics. Cemetaries hold lots of secrets if you take time to ferret them out. my wish is to see the old ones in Savannah and Charleston.