Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Really Old (Bad) Pictures

I just shared a batch of picture from some years ago with you, all of which were pretty good. Now here's a batch of pictures that I thought were great then, but now I don't think they're anything to write home about. The shot above is the intercoastal waterway to the south of the Albee Road Bridge, just north of the North Jetty on Casey Key. I thought it was neat because you could see the sheer number of boats out on the water on such a nice day. Now, it does nothing for me.

These are the fruits on some type of shrub out at Desoto Memorial in Bradenton. This plant flowers with little blue flowers, then these red berries grow. I love the contrast between the red berries, the green leaves and the blue sky, but there's no form or function to the shot. It's just there. Maybe it's too busy, I don't know. I wouldn't count this as a picture worth preserving if I took it today.

This one shows a butterfly on a flower who's name I don't know. I don't know the type of butterfly, either, but I should because I see them all the time. This picture is bad for two reasons. First, the butterfly is behind the flower. Not ideal. Second, most of the flower is overexposed, making it a featureless white blob. Also not good. And I thought this was great stuff when I originally shot it.

Here's a nice little picture of a calf and her mother. Not bad. Except the cow just doesn't look right to me, since she's partially hidden by the calf, and there's something not right about the way she's looking at the camera. It just bugs me now.

Lastly, you get an ugly yellow flower with a big black fly on it. I won't even tell you what's wrong with a picture like this. Anyhow, I hope you won't think less of me for sharing these old pictures with you. We all have to start somewhere. Heaven knows I don't take all winners now, but I think I do a little bit better.

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Buster said...

Well, they're better than my shots!