Saturday, April 18, 2009

Osprey Alert

So I went out to City Island this evening to try and shoot the sunset. Probably not the best place to shoot the sunset, since the water access there faces east, but I was on auto-pilot. As I drove in (and wondered what all the traffic was about. Turned out there was a boat show...), I saw the osprey above just chilling out in a tree where I thought I could get a good shot. So I parked the car, put a long lens on the camera and hiked back. I squeezed off a couple shots, then started walking to see if I could find a better angle. Then I heard the cries of another osprey in the air.

I looked up and saw this bird headed straight towards me. I got a couple of decent pictures.

Then he started spiraling around overhead, catching the sun on each turn, so I got lots of good pictures like this.

But the most amazing, or interesting, or noteworthy picture may be this one. If you look close (click on the picture and it should open up much larger), you'll see white squiggles and drops trailing out behind the osprey. Yes, that's right, he's pooping. And no, I did not get hit. Thank goodness. But I did get the shot!

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