Monday, April 13, 2009

Space Manatees

When you visit Kennedy Space Center, one of the things they go to great pains to tell you about is Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Turns out that most of the space center is set aside a a wildlife preserve. There are all sorts of wild areas that are home to interesting creatures on the base, and one of the ones we spotted on our tour were these manatees. They were right there is a canal just outside the bus. We stopped and watched them for a minute or so before proceeding on with the pre-planned part of our tour.

In the photo below, you can see two manatee shadows in the water, some train tracks and, in the distance, one of the shuttle launch platforms. No doubt, these manatees have a good view of launches. Those vertical lines you see in the picture are artifacts from shooting through the window glass. Sorry about that.

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Darrin said...

This is proof that some of the best sights on tours are those off the "planned" portion.