Sunday, April 12, 2009

Live At The Cleveland Zoo-Chipmunks

Last June, I spent a day at the Cleveland MetroParks Zoo, and then in July I shared pictures of many of the animals with you. But there were some I missed for whatever reason, so I'm back to those guys. One of the critters on unintentional display at the zoo is the chipmunk. Much like squirrels here in Florida, chipmunks are every where up there. However, they are much more skittish. I think these shots are of two different animals, but I managed to get pictures of them only because there was something keeping them from getting away and hiding when they saw me approaching. One of the them jumped two feet in the air to get on top of a wall and scurry away when he thought I was too close. Not bad for something that's under six inches long, not counting the tail. Anyhow, I really thought these rats with racing stripes were cool. I wish we had them in Florida. But then I wish we had lots of things in Florida. All we get are eagles and alligators and snakes and such. Nothing really cool.

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Darrin said...

The Florida squirrels (especially those in the Socrum area) would never stand for a chipmunk invasion.