Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Sleigh

Perhaps the shortest, quickest share of the season, here's a single song by Mitch Miller released as a single in 1950 before Columbia had adopted the 45 RPM speed used by RCA at the time.  So I was surprised when I found this on a 7" disc, but then I noticed it spun at 33 RPM, so I wasn't quite so surprised anymore.  I had previously found it on a 10" 78 RPM disc, and couldn't get much sound out of it, but this little record yielded some pretty good results. I may be wrong, but I don't think this has shown up anywhere since that initial release.  This is Mitch Miller And His Orchestra & Chorus-The Sleigh (B-side to Tzena Tzena Tzena, Columbia 7" 33 RPM 1-706, Mono, 1950). Sorry about the stickers on the label, they just didn't want to come off.



Buster said...

Good stuff - I thought that Mitch only did the four-square men's chorus routine for Christmas. Also love 33-1/3 rpm singles. I had a few on my blog many years ago.

barba said...

at least the sticker was from a filing system of some kind (jukebox maybe?) and once served a purpose. my stickers always said “goodwill 10¢”.now why would you pay someone to sit in a corner all day putting stickers on thousands of records and thus ruining all the labels to no end? they’re all the same price. how about one simple sign instead? you sell them all day long. everybody knows the price. if someone doesn’t know, they say “hey, what’s the sign say?”. but no. stickers on all the labels. wasn’t i complaining about something else like this recently? what’s with people and stickers? i was in a little antique store once. real classy joint. had to wipe my feet and everything. they had a small pile of records. and they put DYMO PLASTIC LABELS on all of them! the old thick kind that you punched out one letter at a time. you can’t make this stuff up.

Kwork said...

Thank you much.